Lunatic Meditation

The Lunatic Meditation

The Lunatic Meditation

THE next time the full moon is due, start this three days before. Go outside in the open sky, look at the moon and start swaying. Just feel as if you have left everything to the moon – become possessed. Look at the moon, relax and say to it that you are available, and ask the moon to do whatsoever it wants. Then whatsoever happens, allow it.

If you feel like swaying, sway, or if you feel like dancing or singing, do that. But the whole thing should be as if you are possessed – you are not the doer – it is just happening. You are just an instrument being played upon.

Do this for the three days before the full moon, and as the moon becomes fuller and fuller you will start feeling more and more energy. You will feel more and more possessed. By the full moon night you will be completely mad. With just one hour’s dancing and madness, you will feel relaxed as you have never been before.

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