Osho Jokes

A man and wife checked in at a resort hotel. After cleaning up, the lady forgot to turn off the faucets in the bathroom. Half an hour later, Mulla Nasrudin, the guest in the room directly under them, opened his window, stuck out his head and called upstairs to attract their attention. “Hey, you up there!” shouted the Mulla. The man upstairs opened his window and stuck out his head. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “Turn off those faucets in your bathroom!” demanded Nasrudin. “It’s pouring down here. What’s the matter with you? You must be a dope.” He ended his tirade with a wild outburst of profanity. “Wait a minute,” said the man upstairs. “Stop your cursing. I have got a lady up here.” “WHAT DO YOU THINK I HAVE GOT DOWN HERE,” yelled Nasrudin, “A DUCK?”

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