Osho Jokes

The boss told Mulla Nasrudin that if he could not get to work on time, he would be fired. So the Mulla went to the doctor, who gave him a pill. The Mulla took the pill, slept well, and was awake before he heard the alarm clock. He dressed and ate breakfast leisurely.

Later he strolled into the office, arriving half an hour before his boss. When the boss came in, the Mulla said: ”Well, I didn’t have any trouble getting up this morning.”

”That’s good,” said Mulla Nasruddin’s boss, ”But where were you Yesterday?”

Mulla Nasruddin had a house on the United States-Canadian border. No one knew whether the house was in the United States or Canada. It was decided to appoint a committee to solve the problem. After deciding it was in the United States, Mulla Nasruddin leaped with joy.

”HURRAH!” he shouted, ”Now I don’t have to suffer from those terrible Canadian winters!”

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