Osho Jokes

A man walks into an optometrist’s office holding a cardboard box. He hands it to the optometrist who opens it and upon seeing its contents exclaims, “WOW! That’s the biggest turd I’ve ever seen!”
“Isn’t it a beauty? I did it myself!”
“It must be at least two feet long!”
“Twenty-five and a half inches, to be exact!” boasts the man, “And four and three-quarter inches in diameter!”
“Incredible! How much does it weigh?”
“One and a half pounds!” comes the proud reply.
“That is simply amazing!” exclaims the optometrist, unable to take his eyes off this marvelous specimen. “But why bring it to me? I am an optometrist!”
“Well, you see, I have this problem: every time I do one of these monsters, my eyes water!”

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