Mind is your wife

Mind is your wife

On an extended business trip overseas, the Englishman is asked whether he misses his wife. ”I don’t miss her all that much,” he replies. ”One day a week I hire a local woman to come in and nag.”

Mind is your wife. Whether you are man or woman, it does not matter. Mind is your wife and a constant nag. It goes on nagging you and you have become so accustomed to it that sometimes you even have to hire a woman to nag you, because life seems to be so empty without somebody nagging you. Mind is continuously giving you new illusions, new hallucinations, new delusions; it is very inventive. It goes on creating new goals for you. If old goals are finished, if you have realized that there are no such goals, it will invent new goals…

-Sat Chit Anand, Osho

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