Feel the silence of the womb

Feel the silence of the womb

LET silence become your meditation. Whenever you have time, just collapse in silence – and that is exactly what I mean: collapse – as if you are a small child in your mother’s womb. Sit this way and then by and by you will start feeling that you want to put your head on the floor. Then put the head on the floor. Take the womb-posture as the child remains curled up in the mother’s womb and immediately you will feel the silence is coming, the same silence that was there in the mother’s womb. Sitting in your bed, go under a blanket and curl up and remain there utterly still, doing nothing.

A few thoughts sometimes will come, let them pass – you be indifferent, not concerned at all: if they come, good; if they don’t come, good. Don’t fight, don’t push them away. If you fight you will become disturbed, if you push them away, you will become persistent, if you don’t want them, they will be very stubborn about going. You simply remain unconcerned, let them be there on the periphery as if traffic noise is there. And it is really a traffic noise, the brain traffic of millions of cells communicating with each other and energy moving and electricity jumping from one cell to another cell. It is just the humming of a great machine, so let it be there.

You become completely indifferent to it, it does not concern you, it is not your problem – somebody else’s problem maybe, but not yours. What do you have to do with it? And you will be surprised – moments will come when the noise will disappear, completely disappear, and you will be left all alone.

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