simple meditation



REMAIN passive – not doing anything, just listening. And listening is not a doing. You have nothing to do to listen to anything – your ears are always open. To see you have to open the eyes – at least that much has to be done. To listen, not even that much has to be done – ears are always open. You are always listening. Just don’t do anything and listen.

Listening with sympathy

Listening is a deep participation between the body and the soul and that is why it has been used as one of the most potential methods of meditation, because it bridges the two infinites: the material and the spiritual.

And let this be your meditation; it will help you. Whenever you are sitting, just listen to whatsoever is going on. It is the marketplace and there is much noise and traffic, and the train and the plane; listen to it with no rejection in the mind that it is noisy. Listen as if you are listening to music, with sympathy. And suddenly you will see that the quality of the noise has changed. It is no more distracting, no more disturbing. On the contrary it becomes very soothing. If listened to rightly, even the marketplace becomes a melody.

So what you are listening to is not the point. The point is you are listening, not just hearing.

Even if you are listening to something that you have never thought of as worth listening to, listen to it very cheerfully as if you are listening to a Beethoven sonata. And suddenly you will see that you have transformed the quality of it. It becomes beautiful. And in that listening, your ego will disappear.

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