relaxation techniques



THE first step: just relax in a chair, make the whole body comfortable. The second step, close the eyes. The third step, relax the breathing. Make it as natural as possible. With each breath going out, say ‘One’. As the breath goes out, say ‘One’; breathe in and don’t say anything. So with each outgoing breath you simply say ‘One… one…one…’. And not only say it but also feel that the whole existence is one, it is a unity. Don’t repeat that, just have that feeling – and saying ‘One’ will help. Do this for twenty minutes every day.

Make it a point that nobody disturbs you while you are doing it. You can open your eyes and look at the clock but don’t put any alarm on. Anything that can give you a jerk will be bad, so don’t keep the phone in the room where you are doing it, and nobody should knock.

For those twenty minutes you have to be absolutely relaxed. If there is too much noise around, use earplugs.

Saying ‘One’ with each exhalation will make you so calm and quiet and collected; you cannot imagine. Do this in the daytime, never at night, otherwise your sleep will be disturbed, because this will be so relaxing that you will not feel sleepy. You will feel fresh. The best time is the morning, otherwise the afternoon, but never at night time.

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