Osho Meditation

Meditate on light

Meditate on light

THE more you meditate on light, the more you will be surprised that something inside starts opening as if a bud is opening and becoming a flower.

Meditation on light is one of the most ancient meditations. In all the ages, in all the countries, in all the religions, it has been emphasised for a particular reason, because the moment you meditate on light, something inside you that has remained a bud starts opening its petals. The very meditation on light creates a space for its opening.

So let that be your meditation. Whenever you have time close your eyes; visualise light. Whenever you see light be in tune with it. Just don’t go on ignoring it. Be worshipful towards it. It may be a sunrise, it may be just a candle in the room, but be prayerful towards it and you will gain much.

Great is the benediction if one continues feeling in tune with light.

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