Love can make you rebellious

Love can make you rebellious

A small man possessed by love feels himself capable of doing the impossible. In all old love stories this fact has emerged in a very subtle way; and nobody has even bothered about it or even commented on why this factor comes automatically into old love stories.

For example, in the East we have the most famous love stories of Majnu and Laila. That is a Sufi story. It doesn’t matter whether it is historical or not, that is not our concern. Our concern is its structure, which is almost the same structure as all the love stories around the world. The second famous Eastern love story is about Siri and Farhad — but the structure is the same. The third famous story is about Soni and Mahival, but the structure remains the same.

The structure is that the lover is asked to do something impossible; if he can do that impossible thing then he can get the beloved. Of course the parents and the society are not ready to accept this love affair. No society is ready to accept any love affair, but to say no seems to be unmannerly.

When somebody comes with a proposal of love you can’t just say no. Even if you want to say no, and you will say no, a way has to be found — and this is the way. Ask the lover to perform something impossible, something which you know he cannot perform, which is an inhuman task. And if he cannot perform it then you are not responsible; he himself has failed.

This is a civilized way of saying no. Farhad is told that he can have Siri if, alone, he can create a canal through the mountains and bring the canal to the palace of the king — Siri is the daughter of the king. And the canal has to be of milk, not of water.

Now, this is absurd. In the first place, even if it was just going to be a water canal, a young man, single-handed… and from the mountains, hundreds of miles away, it will take thousands of years for him to bring the canal to the palace. Even if it is accepted, hypothetically, that it may be possible, how can he manage a canal of milk? From where will that much milk go on continuously flowing through the canal? And the king wants his palace gardens to be watered with milk — only then will Farhad be qualified to ask for the hand of the king’s daughter.

I have been thinking about hundreds of love stories around the world, but somehow or other this factor constantly appears: something impossible is asked. My own understanding is that that factor does not appear without any reason. There is somewhere in the unconscious of the human mind the knowledge that love can make the impossible possible.

Love is so mad. Once you are possessed with love you don’t think in terms of reason and logic, reality. You live in a world of dreams where everything is within your hands. My only concern with these love stories has been to find out something about love which is very essential, and this is what I have found about it: Love makes you so mad that nothing is impossible.

When Farhad is asked to do this job of making a canal from the mountains thousands of miles away, he starts. He does not even say, “Are you mad? What are you asking? You are making it impossible from the very beginning. Why don’t you simply say no? Why go so roundabout?” No, he does not say a single word; he simply takes a spade and moves towards the mountains.

The people in the court of the king ask the king, “What have you done? You know perfectly well this is not possible. You cannot do it, we cannot do it — nobody can do it. You with all your army, with all your forces, cannot bring this canal to the palace — and bringing milk from where? Milk does not come out of streams in the mountains. You can conquer the whole world — we know your power and we know your armies — but that’s another matter. You cannot change the ways of nature.

“In the first place, that poor boy alone — you have told him he is not to ask any help from anybody — is going to dig the canal from the mountains to your palace. It will take millions of years for him, and even if he manages to do it, from where is the milk going to come in the canal?”

The king says, “I know all about it — it is not going to happen. That’s why I have asked, that’s how I have thrown the whole responsibility on him. Now, if he cannot do it, he is responsible. I am saved from saying no to anybody.”

But the people in the court are more puzzled about the young man, Farhad. They rush out, catch hold of him and ask him, “Are you mad or something? Where are you going? It is not possible.”
Farhad says, “Everything is possible. Just my love has to be authentic, to be true.”

Existence cannot deny love. Existence may change its nature, its laws, but it cannot deny love because love is the highest law of nature. For the higher law, lower laws can be erased, changed.
Those wise counsellors of the king are shocked by the answer, but the answer seems to be significant. What the mad young man is saying makes sense. The story is that Farhad succeeded. Alone he managed to create the canal, and just because of his authenticity, his truthfulness, his trust in existence, the water turned into milk.

This is just a story; I don’t think existence or nature is going to change its laws. But one thing is certain: society became aware very early that love is mad. And once a man is possessed of love then he is beyond your control, then you cannot convince him of anything. Then no reason is applicable, no logic makes any sense to him; his love is the ultimate law. Everything else has to submit to it.

I am not saying that it does submit, I am not saying that nature is going to change its ways, I am not saying that love will make miracles possible. No, what I am saying is about this fear that love can make a man so mad that he can start believing in things like this; then he is beyond your control.

To keep man in control you have to, from a very early age, create a false idea of love in him, and go on enforcing it continuously so he never becomes possessed by authentic love and never goes mad, but always remains sane. Sane means a slave to the rules of the society, sane means a follower of the games of the society.

Love can make you rebellious.

False love makes you obedient.

-From Misery to Enlightenment, Osho

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