Looking without words

Looking without words

Try in small things not to bring the mind in. You look at a flower – you simply look. Don’t say ‘beautiful’, ‘ugly’. Don’t say anything. Don’t bring in words, don’t verbalise. Simply look. The mind will feel uncomfortable, uneasy. The mind would like to say something. You simply say to the mind ‘Be silent, let me see, I will just look’.

In the beginning it will be difficult, but start with things in which you are not too involved. It will be difficult to look at your wife without bringing words in. You are too involved, too emotionally attached. Angry or in love – but too involved.

Look at things which are neutral – a rock, a flower, a tree, the sun rising, a bird in flight, a cloud moving in the sky. Just look at things with which you are not much involved, from which you can remain detached, with which you can remain indifferent. Start from neutral things and only then move towards emotionally loaded situations.

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