It happened once, a so-called master was traveling. In every village he would go, he would declare, “I have achieved, I have known the divine. If you want, come and follow me.”

People would say, “There are many responsibilities. Some day, we hope we will be able to follow you.” They would touch his feet, give him respect, serve him, but nobody would follow because there were many other things to be done first before one went to seek the divine. First things first. The divine is always the last, and the last thing never comes because the first are so infinite they are never finished. But in one village, a madman — mad he was, otherwise who would follow this master — said, “Right. Have you have found?”

The master hesitated a little, looking at the madman — because this man seemed dangerous, he might follow and create trouble — but before the whole village he couldn’t deny it, so he said, “Yes.” The madman said, “Now, initiate me. I will follow you to the very end. I want to realize God myself.” The so-called master became perturbed, but what to do? The madman started following him, he became a shadow. One year passed. The madman said, “How far, how far is the temple?” He said, “I am not in a hurry but how much time will be needed?” By this time the master had become very uncomfortable and uneasy with this man. This madman would sleep with him, he would move with him; he had become his shadow. And because of him his certainty was dissolving. Whenever he would say, in a village, “Follow me,” he would become afraid, because this man would look at him and say, “I am following you, master, and still I have not reached.”

The second year passed, the third year passed, the sixth year passed, and the madman said, “We have not reached anywhere. We are simply traveling in villages and you go on telling people, “Follow me.” I am following- whatsoever you say, I do it, so you cannot say I am not following the discipline.” The madman was really mad, so whatever was said he would do. So the master couldn’t deceive him by saying that he was not doing well. Finally, one night, the master said to him, “Because of you I have lost my own path.

Before I met you I was certain; now I am no more. Now you please leave me.” Whenever there is someone certain and you are mad enough, you start following. Can you follow this type of man who says, “I myself don’t know. I myself don’t understand?”

If you can follow this man, you will reach. You have already reached if you decide to follow this man, for the mind asks for certainty, the mind asks for knowledge. The mind also asks for dogmatic assertions, so if you can be ready to follow a man who says, “I don’t know myself,” seeking has stopped, for now you are not asking for knowledge. One who is asking for knowledge cannot ask for being. Knowledge is rubbish; being is life. When you stop asking for knowledge you have stopped asking about the truth, for truth is the goal of knowledge. If you don’t inquire what is, rather you become so silent, so mindless, that which is, is revealed.

-A Bird On The wing, OSHO

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