Humming Meditation



HUMMING can be a tremendous help and you can do it whenever… At least once a day, if you can do it twice, it will be good. It is such a great inner music that it brings peace to your whole being; then your conflicting parts start falling in tune and by and by a subtle music which you can hear arises in your body. After three or four months you will be just sitting silently and you can hear a subtle music, a harmony inside, a kind of humming. Everything is functioning so perfectly well, like a perfectly functioning car whose engine is humming.

A good driver knows when something goes wrong. The passengers may not become alert but the good driver knows immediately when the humming changes. Then the humming is no more harmonious. A new noise is coming. Nobody else is aware, but one who loves driving will immediately become aware that something is going wrong. The engine is not functioning as it should.

A good hummer by and by starts feeling when things are going wrong. If you have eaten too much you will find your inner harmony is missing and by and by you will have to choose: either eat too much or have the inner harmony. And the inner harmony is so precious, so divine, such a bliss, who bothers to eat more?

And without any effort to diet you find you are eating in a more balanced way. Then humming goes still deeper, you will be able to see which foods disturb your humming; you eat something heavy and it stays too long in the system and then humming is not so perfect.

Once humming starts you will find when sex is rising, when it is not rising, and if the wife and husband are both humming you will be surprised how great a harmony arises between two persons and how by and by they become intuitive, how they start feeling when the other is feeling sad. There is no need to say; when the husband is tired the wife knows it instinctively because they both function upon the one wavelength.

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