Meditation Techniques

Dance with your hands

Dance with your hands

Just sit silently and allow your fingers to have their own movement. Feel the movement from the inside. Don’t try to see it from the outside, so keep your eyes closed. Let the energy flow more and more into the hands.

The hands are deeply connected with the brain, the right hand with the left side of the brain, the left hand with the right side of the brain. If your fingers can be allowed total freedom of expression
many many tensions accumulated in the brain are released. That is the easiest way to release the brain mechanism, its repressions, its unused energy. Your hands are perfectly capable of doing it.

Sometimes you will find the left hand up, sometimes the right hand up. Don’t force any pattern, whatsoever is the need of the energy it will take that form. When the left side of the brain wants to
release energy, it will take one form. When the right side of the brain is too burdened with energy then there will be a different gesture.

You can become a great meditator through hand gestures. So just sitting silently, play, allow the hands and you will be surprised; it is magical. You need not jump and jog and do much chaotic meditation. Just your hands will do.

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