Osho Meditation

Dance together

Dance together

You can create a small group of friends who can dance together. That will be better, more helpful. Man is so weak that alone it is difficult to continue anything. Hence, schools are needed. So if you
are not feeling like doing it one day and others are, their energy moves you. Someday somebody else is not feeling like it but you are, so your energy comes through.

Left alone, man is very weak and will-less. One day you do it and another day you feel that you are tired and have other things to do. Meditations bring results only when they are done in a persistent way. Then it sinks inside you.

It is just as if you are digging a hole in the earth. One day you dig in one place, another day in another place. Then you can go on digging for the whole of your life but the well will never be ready. You have to dig in the same place continuously.

So make it a point, at the same time every day. And if in the same place it is possible, very good; the same room, the same atmosphere, burn the same incense… so the body by and by learns and the mind by and by gets the feel of it. The moment you enter the room you are ready to dance. The room is charged, the time is charged.

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