Osho’ Dream

Osho’ Dream Question: Osho, What is this dream of yours which you have been working so hard to realize for the past twenty–five, thirty years, ignoring all kinds of hindrances and obstacles? Osho: The dream is one. It is not … Continue reading


Pond full of milk

Pond full of milk In Akbar’s life there is another incident. He had built a very beautiful marble pond. He was bringing swans from Mansarovar, from the Himalayas. And he decided that in the pond there should not be water. … Continue reading



Friendliness Q: Beloved Master, I have many friends, but the question: who is a real friend? This always arises in my mind. Will you say something about it? Osho: Satyam, you are asking from the wrong end. Never ask, “Who … Continue reading