Awakening the subtle layers

Awakening the subtle layers

If you continuously do body movements and you never sit silently, then too you will miss something. When the energy has started moving, one should become absolutely silent, otherwise the movement remains gross. The body movement is good but it is a gross movement, and if the whole energy remains in the gross movement, the subtle movement will not start.

One has to come to a point where the body is completely still like a statue, so all gross movements stop but the energy is there ready to move – and there is no opening for it in the body. It seeks a new opening inside that is not of the body. It starts moving in the subtle layers.

But first the movement is needed. If the energy is not moving, you can sit like a stone and nothing will happen. The first thing is to help the energy to move, and the second thing is that when it is really moving, stop the body. When the energy is throbbing so much and ready to move somewhere, then it will have to move into the subtle layers because the gross is no more available.

So first make it dynamic and then let the body be still so the dynamism will go deeper, to the very roots, to the very core of your being. Make a synthesis: twenty minutes of body movement, and after twenty minutes suddenly stop. You can have an alarm, and when it goes off suddenly stop. The body is full of energy but now when the body has frozen, the energy will start finding new ways. This is the method to work inwards.

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