Star Meditation

Allow a star inside

Allow a star inside

GET more and more in tune with the stars. Whenever there are stars in the night and the night is clear, just lie down on the earth and  look at the stars. If you feel attached to a certain star, then concentrate on that. While concentrating on that think of yourself as being a small lake and that the star is reflected deep inside you. So see the star outside and see it reflected inside you. This will become your meditation and a great joy will arise out of it. Once you get in tune with it you can simply close your eyes and see that star, your star; but first you have to find it.

In the East they have a myth that everybody has a certain star. All those stars are not for everybody, everybody has a particular star. That myth is beautiful.

As far as meditation is concerned, you can find one star which belongs to you and to which you belong. There will arise a certain affinity between you and the star because we are made of light, as are the stars. We vibrate as light as do the stars. You can always find a star with which you simply feel in tune, which is on the same wave-length. That is your star; meditate over it. By and by allow it inside. Look at it, then close your eyes and see it within. Open your eyes; look at it. Close your eyes; see it within. Soon you will find it is within you. Then whenever you close your eyes you will find it there.

And when you start feeling it inside, feel it just near the navel; two inches below the navel. Deposit it there; go on depositing it and soon you will feel great light arising inside you as if a star has already in reality burst forth; and it will not be only that you feel it, others will start feeling it – that a certain kind of light has started surrounding your body, your face has become it. Just look for a few nights and you will be able to find your star.

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