Osho Jokes

Mulla Nasrudin was tired, weary, bored. He called for his limousine, got in and said to the chauffeur: ”JAMES. DRIVE FULL SPEED OVER THE CLIFF. I HAVE DECIDED TO COMMIT SUICIDE.”

Osho Jokes

An Indian went to Singapore to buy a video. He went into a shop and asked, “What is the price of this video near the window?” The seller answered, “Sorry sir, we don’t sell to Indians.” The Indian went back … Continue reading

Osho Jokes

In earlier days in America it was not unusual for politicians to take advantage of a public hanging to address the crowd of spectators. When Mulla Nasrudin, the condemned, was told a politician was going to speak on the grim … Continue reading


Leave it free

Leave it free I have heard a beautiful story. In a restaurant in paradise Gautam Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu — they were all contemporaries — were just sitting and chitchatting. What else can you do in heaven? Everybody is wise; … Continue reading

Osho Quotes

“Existence already accepts you—that’s why you are here. Otherwise you would not be. This is my basic teaching to you. Existence already accepts you. You do not have to earn it, you are already worthy. Relax, enjoy the way nature … Continue reading