Madman It happened once, a so-called master was traveling. In every village he would go, he would declare, “I have achieved, I have known the divine. If you want, come and follow me.” People would say, “There are many responsibilities. … Continue reading


Life is a mystery

Life is a mystery It is reported of one of the Sufi masters, Junnaid, that he was working with a new young man. The young man was not aware of Junnaid’s inner wisdom, and Junnaid lived such an ordinary life … Continue reading


Get centered

Get centered I have heard about one Zen nun. She died, but before she died she asked her disciples, “What do you suggest? How should I die?” It is an old tradition in Zen that masters ask; they can die … Continue reading


Accept It..

Accept It.. I have heard that Adolf Hitler was suffering from deep depression, melancholy, and psychologists were saying that it was due to some hidden inferiority complex. So all the Aryan psychologists were called. They tried but they couldn’t help, … Continue reading